RMM Managed Services

Empowering Companies Through Technology

From malware to phishing, denial-of-service attacks to drive-by downloads, businesses face daunting security challenges that pose truly frightening fiscal threats. Remote Monitoring & Management provides multiple layers of security—including best-in-class antivirus, web protection, device discovery, network monitoring tools, and backup and recovery—to help protect businesses from all angles. It also includes data breach risk intelligence to help us prioritize your security efforts around at-risk data. With our Remote Monitoring & Management, we start with a foundation of must have critical monitoring points and move upstream into managed security services, giving you the sense that you have an in-house IT professional making you feel more comfortable about your technology infrastructure.

As you grow your business, you need a platform that grows with you at each step. Not every customer wants the same services—that’s why you pay only for what you use, on a per-client basis. Our modular pricing gives you the flexibility to expand services as needed instead of locking you into a bundled set of services you don’t need. In short, whatever stage of business you’re in, Remote Monitoring & Management will meet you there.

  • Active Discovery

           >  Active Directory Monitoring

           >  Connection Logs

           >  Advanced Monitoring Agent

           > Device Discovery

  •   Web Protection

           >  Threat protection

           >  Bandwidth monitoring

           >  Access controls

           >  Site blacklists and individual site blocking

           >  Time-based browsing

  •   Managed Antivirus

           >  Extensive signature-based scanning

           >  Heuristic checks

           >  Active protection and behavioral scanning

           >  Malware and Ransomware protection

           >  Deep Scans

  •   Mobile Device Management

           >  Security

           >  Location Tracking

           >  Ownership details

           >  Data usage monitoring

           >  Remote features

  •   Remote Monitoring

           >  Hardware alerts and performance checks every 15 minutes

           >  Security monitoring

           >  Network performance monitoring

           >  Patch Management

           >  Vulnerability Scans

           >  Remote Access

           >  Performance issue maintenance

           >  Asset management

           >  Risk Intelligence

o   Satisfy critical components of PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other compliance

o   Manage PCI exposure vulnerability