Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS)

Empowering Companies Through Technology

These services include; Remote Monitoring Management (RMM), Managed Anti-Virus with Ransomware Protection, Monitored Managed Networking (MNS) (NaaS), Monitored Internet and Computer Security (SaaS), Cloud to Cloud Backup and Recovery for Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce data, Managed Backup Solutions(BaaS), just to name a few.

From virtual cloud data to physical endpoint files and the systems that process it all, our total data protection makes your business invincible, secure, and instantly restorable at any time. Our solutions safeguard businesses from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity. With The L Connection defending your business, you are guaranteed business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit, and in the cloud.

Layers of Protection from Ransomware

1)      Education

Educate anyone with access to company email, computers, and servers with a user awareness training program aimed to inform about the dangers of social engineering schemes and phishing scams. Teach good security practices about email attachments and stress the importance of diligence. However, even the most educated and well-meaning staff members are not immune to human error. Education, on its own, is not adequate protection.

2)      Antivirus

Antivirus software is the second layer of a sound defense. Quality antivirus protection can stop thousands of attack attempts per day. In the case that an employee does click a malicious link or downloads a Trojan-containing attachment, antivirus will often save a system from full-blown infection. However, new strains of ransomware are always being created, often at a rate higher than antivirus can protect against them, so eventually, the probability that one infection will succeed is high.

3)      System Software Patching and Updating

Software security patches and updates are a MUST, software developers from your operating system to pdf viewers need to have the security patches installed and updates applied in a timely manner, our Remote Monitoring and Management system properly applies these updates and patches without creating and downtime or effort on your part.  

4)      Total Data Protection

A data protection solution provides the ultimate failsafe in a layered defense strategy against ransomware. A data protection solution will automatically and invisibly take snapshots of your data and systems at regular intervals, and store that data in a secure location. Should ransomware successfully penetrate your layered defenses, you can simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot of your business before the attack happened. No ransom, no downtime, no problem.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

3 Types of Business Disasters

1)      System Disasters which include; hardware failure, file corruption, cyber incidents

2)      Natural Disasters; Lightning, Flooding, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Fire, Building Failure

3)      Human Error Disasters; accidental file deletion, 70% of the successful attacks on businesses came from internal threats like employees and contractors. Even small data losses – those with fewer than 100 files lost – cost between $18,120 and $35,730. A single poor choice by a single employee can lead to catastrophic data loss.

What are Managed Networking Services (MNS)?

We provide managed networking services by assuming responsibility for the end-to-end viability, reliability, security, agility, and scalability of our clients’ networks. That is – our team can provide services to configure, deploy, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot all things network for our clients. This includes hardware such as the Datto Networking Appliances, switches, and Wi-Fi access points, as well as centralized cloud management across the entire fleet. All through one fully integrated pane of glass.

Managed Backup Solutions (BaaS)

We provide managed backup services featuring;

Hybrid Cloud Architecture, On-site and Off-site Virtualization, Hardware Independent restore on virtualization, Bare Metal Recovery, True Delta Deduplication, Local Speed Vault, Advanced Seeding and Document only Backup options. HIPAA compliant Backup Solutions.


Public companies, healthcare providers, financial organizations, and others with strict regulations must ensure that data is encrypted and protected in transit and at rest. SOC 2 Type II compliance, as well as compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule and Safe Harbor, ensures that rigorous standards for data security are met. We meet these requirements with our advanced solutions.


What makes our back-up solutions “Managed”? Advanced Screenshot Verification test boots server images and or file images and provides disk integrity checking and script execution to ensure backups are viable. With Advanced Screenshot Verification, We can be certain restores will be successful.


Our continuity solutions offer automated local backups on robust hardware purpose-built for data protection and replication to our secure Cloud. In the event of an outage, users can boot virtual machines directly from the device or in the cloud, allowing businesses to return to operations quickly. Our innovative technology and commitment to excellence and support makes delivering disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) easier than ever. Total Data Protection!


How can I protect my business?

Your disaster recovery plan must ensure that your entire business infrastructure can be recovered within seconds.

You need a holistic, integrated disaster recovery plan that is reliable, simple, and quick. DRaaS offers a disaster recovery plan that is visible, scalable, and affordable.

Business-critical data, systems, desktops, servers, and the entire infrastructure must be protected and recoverable.

With secure local virtualization solutions, if disaster strikes, your entire infrastructure (physical or virtual) is virtualized instantly, empowering you to continue your business operations without losing any data, incurring any damage, or experiencing any downtime.